Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why Cookies?

i love cookies. they're amazing. they can be simple or elegant, sturdy or delicate, heavy or light. you can make them for kids or grown ups, for birthdays or weddings. and you don't need sophisticated or specialized equipment for them. sure, there are things that help, like an electric mixer or a cookie scoop, but those are totally optional. i've made plenty of delicious cookies without them.

i started my love affair with cookies in high school. first was the gateway tollhouse cookie... it all starts with a tollhouse. then i branched out to sugar, and peanut butter, and... oh, the places you'll go. i also started baking cookies for my teachers. i was blessed with awesome teachers in high school, so i did it as a thank you, but i'm sure it didn't hurt the grading process, either.

i continued my romance with cookies in college. i didn't have the tools i used to, but as long as i had a spoon, a bowl, and a cookie sheet, i was good to go. cookies were a good way to get to know people (people will always stick around if you give them a cookie), and a good way to say thank you, and a good gift whenever you need one for cheap but with lots of feeling (which was always a need for a poor student).

now i'm in law school, and cookies are a firm part of me now. i give them to my professors as a thank you at the end of the semester, and they're always shocked. i give them as thank you's for recommendations and everyday gifts of happiness. there's nothing that a cookie won't fix, really. so, i've decided to share my cookie love, and what knowledge i gain along the way, with the world. cookies are a part of me. and now the law is becoming a part of me, too. so i'll share them both. with liberty and cookies for all!

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