Sunday, April 26, 2009

Festival of Beers: Kirin Ichiban

tonight's beer is kirin ichiban special premium reserve, a japanese beer. i think this might be the first japanese beer i've ever had. at first, i didn't care much for it. it was just a normal pale beer, with a little bit of a burnt/bitter finish, like many beers (which is why i'm not usually a big beer fan).

but as i kept drinking it, it grew on me. it got smoother, and i started tasting a sort of fruity, sweet, wheat-y taste. i couldn't nail it, but it was pretty good.

overall assessment: it's ok. i don't think i would buy it again, but i would drink it at a party if it was offered.

wait, scratch that. i just tried to take a swig of the beer, and found out it was all gone. and that made me sad. so i just might buy this beer again.

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  1. I'm not really commenting on this post. I like your new background...sweet