Sunday, April 26, 2009

Festival of Beers: Stockyard Oatmeal Stout

so, apparently i start craving alcohol made out of grains during finals. last semester, it was scotch. (my dad and i stopped at a liquor store on the way home from the airport for christmas and got some scotch) apparently this semester, it's beer. so i got a pick-your-own-six-pack at trader joe's, with six different new beers. so i decided to chronicle my journey.
i've also been having trouble sleeping, so a beer and a blog at night will hopefully help till finals are over.

so, contestant number one: stockyard oatmeal stout. i'm usually not a fan of heavy/dark beers. and i read the label that said it had flavors of coffee and chocolate. chocolate? in beer? what? but i tried it anyway. and i LOVED it. i'm going to have to buy some more. it totally did taste like chocolate and coffee, which was weird, but good. it's not a chocolate flavored beer, just that's the flavor that comes out (like how wine tastes like oak, etc). it's smooth and a little thick. the chocolate-ness is like dark chocolate, so it's not too sweet. and it's got the richness of coffee (the label didn't lie), so it's not 'sweet.' and it lacked much of the burnt-ness that i find a lot of dark beers have.

it's a very substantial beer, so it's not a "girly" beer by any stretch. i'm not the girly type, anyway. but it's a good woman's beer. the kind of woman who is classy and sophisticated, who looks hot in a little black dress and some red lipstick, who knows how to handle herself and who you sure better not cross. so, it's the beer for me. :)

overall assessment: great beer. highly recommended. i will definitely buy it again.

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