Friday, April 24, 2009

Well, hello, cupcake...

while cookies are my go-to confection, i generally love all dessert items. especially when they're made by somebody else. so yesterday after i finished my property exam, i decided to treat myself to a gourmet cupcake from hello cupcake. i'd been looking forward to trying one of their confections for a while and i finally did it yesterday. i poured some milk in my nalgene bottle and headed on over.

i was afraid that it might not live up to my expectations, which were pretty high, or that $3 might be too much for a cupcake, but i was WRONG! oh, it was so good. i got the"black and white," which is chocolate cake with white chocolate icing. oh man, the cake was so moist with just the right amount of airiness (not too dense, not too fluffy), and the top was a little crunchy like the sugar had caramelized on it, just like a good muffin top. and the frosting was so smooth (i couldn't detect a single sugar crystal) but not too thick so that it gets stuck in your throat.

it was uh-may-zing. it might be one for meredith's food hall of fame, which currently only has one other member- a steak that i had at charlie palmer's in dallas last summer at the end of my internship (my mouth is literally watering just remembering that steak). we'll see if i'm still dreaming about this cupcake after a few months. at any rate, i'm going back next week when my dad comes to visit.

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