Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Festival of Beers: La Rossa

"la rossa" is an italian beer brewed by birra moretti. it was very malted- the website says it's made with all malted barley. it reminded be a little of baltika 4. but baltika 4 is much less malty and more yeasty/bready (more like kvass), and also probably more enjoyable because of fond memories of my study abroad in russia. but i did not enjoy la rossa. it was cloyingly sweet, almost rotten. and it didn't have the satisfying yeast-ness or bread-ness of baltika 4. i guess i'm just not a fan of malted barley, because i couldn't even finish all of it and dumped it out.

overall assessment: la rossa is definitely not for me. maybe if you really like malted barley you'll enjoy it, but you won't find it in my fridge any time soon.

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