Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birthday Cake Balls

when i couldn't sleep during finals, one of the things i was obsessing about was cake balls and cake pops, and their various incarnations, from bakerella. so, i decided to make some cake balls for my mom for her birthday on may 9 (i know, i'm just now getting around to posting... i'm just lazy. don't really have another excuse). inspired by these cake pops, i decided to make some that had little B medallions on them (my mom's name is beverly). so, i made the B's first- just printed out some script-y B's in reverse, then taped some wax paper on top. then i melted some chocolate and vanilla candy bark (bought at my trusty wal-mart) and used a ziploc bag to pipe out the B design and a free-hand flower around it, then filled in with the opposite color. they turned out so cute! as my mom pointed out, they sort of look like barbie B's. here's a picture of some of them just spread out on a plate (the pics are a little yellow b/c i didn't use a flash, and i didn't feel like photoshopping them to correct the color. but you get the idea- black and white).

so then, i baked a cake. just a mix from a box, and i crumbled the baked cake and mixed it with a can of white frosting. it tasted great, only problem was i used funfetti cake mix... which wasn't so fun. i thought it would be cute with the sprinkles, but after i mixed it up with the frosting, the sprinkles just sort of dissolved and made the cake balls look like oatmeal or something. i thought i had a picture of that rumbling around somewhere, but i can't find it.
oh well, it still tasted good, and it was covered in chocolate so you couldn't even see it until you bit into it, and by that time you were like, dang this tastes so good i don't care what it looks like!

so then, i dipped the balls in chocolate... yum. i'm not very good at dipping things, so they turned out sort of messy. i think i might have made the balls too big, which contributed to the poor dipping (too big to handle, and fish out of the chocolate). not as pretty as bakerella's, but they still tasted goo-ood. and i stuck the little medallions on top, and that took your eyes off of the dipping goofs. here's the finished product:

some of them, you might be able to tell, i dipped in chocolate first and put them on wax paper to dry, then dipped the bottom in white and put them in the little paper cups. that turned out ok- less messy than the whole-chocolate method, but the tops ended up being flat. which was actually ok, because then i had a good platform for the little medallions. i just used a little melted candy coating to stick them on.

you can see the messiness a little closer here.

and here's the cake balls, with a sneak peak for next time... oreo cupcake bites for payton's graduation!

UPDATE: i found the pic of the bitten funfetti cake ball. so, here it is. it actually looks better in the picture than it did in real life. but, like i said, it still tasted good!

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