Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Crap-eteria

i didn't bring my lunch to work today (scheduling mix-up), so i had to buy it somewhere. the courthouse where i'm interning has a cafeteria in it, so i figured i'd go scare something up there. the menu looked fine- burgers and sandwiches, and even grilled tilapia. it boasted a vegetable plate, so i decided that's what i'd get. i was thinking they'd have stuff like fried okra, some kind of steamed vegetables, a cheesy veggie casserole... standard cafeteria veggie fare.

boy, was i wrong. it was all carbs- rice, macaroni and cheese, fries... you get the picture. i got the three best options, which were grody spinach (the only non-white thing up there. was it steamed? fried? i dunno, but it was swimming in some sort of liquid), decent cabbage (although also swimming in a liquid), and run-of-the-mill mashed potatoes (surely instant). what a mistake. but by the time i got up there, i couldn't think of something else to get, and they were rushing me, so i just got those. luckily, the meal was somewhat filling so i didn't have to eat all of it, and i was also saved by some pretty good cornbread.

i also got a cookie, which was pretty good. but i'm pretty sure it's from costco, so i don't give the cafeteria much credit for that.

so, if i ever get stuck at work again without lunch, i'm going to go get something outside the courthouse. or stick with the burgers or chicken fingers at the cafeteria- it's really hard to screw those up.

but luckily, tomorrow and friday i'll be eating lunch at the belo mansion. sure, a little pricey (a buffet for $12), but it doesn't disappoint. salmon, steak, real vegetables, yummy desserts... totally worth it! tomorrow i'm going to some womens lawyer association lunch with the justice i'm interning for, and friday i'm going to a federalist society event about sonia sotomayor's nomination (which i thought was today, hence no lunch). fun, fun!

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